Car Lockout

How To Avoid A Car Lockout?

Nobody wants to be faced with a car lockout situation. Being locked out of your car because you have either locked your keys in the car or because you have simply forgotten your keys, is stressful because we always notice it when we’re already in a rush to get somewhere.

In the days of manual door locks, we would cleverly or clumsily maneuver a wire coat hanger to pull up the lock button but with today’s technology; smart key, and the key fob, these old methods just don’t work. You also want to avoid trying to pry the door open with a credit card because damage to your door can be more costly than calling a locksmith.

As a trusted and well-respected locksmith company, Perris Locksmith provide top-notch car lockout service, but it’s always best to avoid a car lockout if possible. We have put together some helpful tips to help you.

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Create Good Habits

It’s always best to create good habits. When you get into your car, always place your keys in the same spot. Smart keys offer many conveniences but it doesn’t force us to have our keys in our hands when we exit our vehicle. Keep your keys handy and don’t allow yourself to leave your car without them.

A good idea is to always lock your car doors with the key fob, rather than put the door lock button while still in the car. This way, you will always have your keys on you when you need to unlock your car door.

Keep A Spare Key

It may seem unnecessary or redundant, but keep a spare key in your purse or wallet at all times. This way, if you break your habit or routine, you will still be able to unlock the door. It may also be helpful to have an additional spare key made for you to keep at the office or somewhere that you travel to frequently. The cost of having a replacement key made varies, depending on the type of key you have, but we are certainly able to make you a key at a competitive price compared to your auto dealership. 

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Replace Batteries in your Fob Key

Usually when your battery is wearing out, the key doesn’t perform as effectively. This is a good time to replace the batteries in your fob key to avoid a car lockout due to a dead battery. Batteries can be purchased at any automotive store or through us. If you wish, you can also keep extra batteries on hand for your convenience, but again, depending on the key, the cost varies.

We also highly recommend that if you notice any bending in your key, you have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from malfunctioning. Keeping your keys in good working order will be helpful.

Go Big

Keeping your keys on a large keychain may make it more difficult for you to forget or misplace your keys. If you have a big keychain, then you will be more unlikely to be able to forget your keys in your car when exiting your vehicle. Keep this keychain close to the ignition button so that you’re more likely to grab them before you get out of the car.

Know Who To Call

If you still find yourself unable to unlock your door, then stay calm, breathe and give us a call. As a licensed and certified car locksmith, we’re able to get to you quickly and we’re always equipped to help. Our technicians are fully trained and ready to get you on your way with as little disruption to your day as possible. We guarantee your satisfaction. Our job is to take the stress out of a car lockout for you.

What Do Do When To Need A Car Lockout Service?

We hope that you learned a few tips on what to do when you get locked out of your car. If you lose your keys and get stuck out of your car and need emergency locksmith service you now should be able to know what to do.

Perris Locksmith specializes in auto locksmith service. Don’t hesitate to call.

You can count on us.